Cardiac Catheterization

In TCM, Cardiac catheterization is not needed due to if there is coronary artery disease, we can get from tongue (purple color, darker color means more blockage), pulse (wiry or skip beat or irregular heart beat), by asking sleeping pattern (shallow sleep, wake up easily or even wake up from chest pain or congestion) and going upstairs or up hills feel short of breathing, chest congestion, or can be diagnoses from face and palm that are reader than usual.

When oxygen can not be supplied, patient feels short of breathe, pressure in the chest, or burning sensation or pain radiated from the back of heart to left shoulder or left upper arm. Less cases also can radiate downward to lower chest, upper abdomen, left chest , left neck, left chin.

However, if you have left chest pain or radiate to left arm, it can be the old injury from decades ago’s ball game. When ball hit chest, each big hit could cause a pain center on the chest and mimic coronary artery disease. I had some of these cases. These cases were treated by acupuncture plus external herb with moxa.

Coronary artery disease can be treated by acupuncture or acupuncture plus moxa with or without herbs, or herbs only.

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