Quit Smoking Treatment

Through acupuncture treatment(s), your body will be waked up and feel that smoking is not as enjoyable as before. It helps you to quit smoking. However, if you have strong desire to quit smoking, there were cases that after one session of one hour treatment, patient quit smoking. Acupuncture also can help to expel the phlegm inside the lungs. Meanwhile, making the lungs be stronger and helps to ride off the sadness sensation.

Afterward, with Chinese herbs treatments can let the tar be removed from lungs. If the patient can collaborate with Chinese exercises, the recovery will be sooner.

Through acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments can help to improve and/or avoid COPD, emphysema and/or pneumonia situations when getting older i.e. avoid to carry oxygen tank everyday especially when traveling. Life quality and enjoyment will be tremendously improved.

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